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Chatting with Skype Emoticons

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Are you the one who is using Skype for chatting? If yes, then you are already familiar with emoticons. In case if you don’t know what are the emoticons means Emoticons are nothing but the little graphics (popularly known as smilies) that you can add to your chat messages.

You can add emoticons using the chat options, or you can type special codes into your message.

Whether you believe it or not, Skype has some hidden emoticons. Why these emoticons are hidden? Why because Skype’s hidden emoticons have a slightly more adult theme (smoking, drinking, rude, etc.,). That’s why it’s hidden. Then, how to use those hidden emoticons? Well, I found a solution here at Skype Emoticons Cheat Sheet v1.2.5. This Cheat Sheet is maintained by Chris Messina. This Cheat Sheet has a list of all hidden & unhidden emoticons on Skype.

To use them, copy the code and paste or write it into Skype chat window. Happy chatting with Skype emoticons!

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