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Get Rid of Unwanted Toolbars with Browser Cleaner

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Charles Richard Weblog Browser Cleaner

I hope you know, I’m a Linux (Debian) user. So, I seldom write Windows specific entries like CCleaner – the tool I recommend to Windows users, but now I’m going to introduce a tool which is useful for Windows users only. While surfing or installing some freeware, you may install some toolbars too. That’s because some of the toolbars are included with your freeware software installer(setup). However, they have a tiny check box to uncheck it when you install . If you miss it, toolbars will be installed in your browser. Many of the Internet users want to uninstall these toolbars because they get installed without our knowledge. Some toolbars are actually spyware in disguise. They will track your surfing and trade the collected data with various third-parties. These malicious toolbars also display ads on your system without your consent and add several files and registry entries to your system, which considerably harm your computer.

Anyhow, you can uninstall them by using Control Panel at anytime. However, if you want to get rid of many toolbars, hunting from Control Panel is a time consuming task. Having too many toolbars may not only clutter your browser UI, but may also affect your surfing speed & boot-up time of your browser. Let’s see about a freeware tool named Browser Cleaner.

Some of it's features are,

  1. Remove toolbars from both Internet Explorer and Firefox
  2. Remove almost any toolbar and BHO
  3. Select apps that you want to remove
  4. Simple, fast and free

Check about it here

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