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Scripted on July 15, 2010

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FamilyShield – Block adult web content

How to avoid porn websites while surfing? Before that, let’s find out what are the possibilities to view a porn-site link while surfing? First & foremost, knowingly you may visit porn websites. Second, Unknowingly, you may click a URL which came from some harmful sites (may raise a popup),e-mail,chat or a shorten URL from social networking sites. When you get one of the short URLs, you don’t have the faintest idea where it goes until you click it. You may be among family or at work when you click the shorten URL, So,it’s safe if you know what you click and where it goes. Click here to read more about Security risk of shortened URLs.

Ok, I’m going to introduce a method to avoid adult web content while surfing. Yes, it’s called FamilyShield which is powered by OpenDNS. OpenDNS is a content filtering system, the list of sites being blocked is constantly updated, 24/7. These updates happen automatically, without requiring any changes on the user’s end. It blocks almost 95% of harmful sites.

What does FamilyShield block?

  • Adult websites that are unsuitable for kids
  • Adult websites that are unsuitable for kids
  • Phishing sites that aim to trick you into handing over personal or financial information
  • Some virus-spreading malware websites

Setting up FamilyShield is very easy. There is no complicated settings to customize, and no downloads or software to install. You just need to enter the DNS information manually.

FamilyShield’s DNS servers are:

Clear instructions with screenshots for computers with different operating systems & routers setup are available on their site itself. I recommend you to Set up FamilyShield on your router so every computer, gaming console and wi-fi device connected with that router will be protected.

I hope this entry helps you to avoid accidentally landing on unwanted sites. A note to parents, whatever you find, please keep in mind that if your son/daughter is smarter with computers than you, it probably won’t help much. It’s hard being a parent in this information age. To be frank, an advantage is, these porn sites help them to relieve their anxieties rather than trying out to get the real thing but the important part is making sure he/she knows to make the right decisions when the time comes. It’s scary but just gotta hope you raised them right. :) Trust me, there is no application invented yet, which can replace the self control.

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