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Internet users deal with many sociable sites everyday. So, creating a strong password is an important task. This entry deals with making of strong password.

Never ever use a common word as a password. Do not simply combine two or more dictionary words, even if you think they are rare. Many password crackers try combinations of dictionary words first. Dictionary words are too easy to guess. Try this link to find Worst Passwords of All Time. If you see your password on this list, I request you to change it immediately.

Use different passwords for different accounts. Don’t use the same password for several accounts, especially if they involve sensitive financial or other personal information. Why I am telling this because if someone knows your password for an account, they have your password for everything. When registering on sociable sites that ask for your email address, never use the same password as you do for your email account.

Change your password often. Although you are using strong password, it is better to change it periodically. Nowadays, Internet is full of hackers & crackers. There are lots of third party software available to spy what you are entering on your computer. So, Keep an updated Antivirus & Antispyware Software to secure yourself. Erase your online activities by deleting your private data on your browser using advanced browser settings or some third party software like CCleaner.


  • Strong password contains uppercase letters, lower case letters, numbers and special characters. For Example, if you choose Microsoft as your password, try to modify with special characters and numbers. m!(R0$042
  • Try to create a password which appears to be nonsense. Select a sentence which is funny or relevant to yourself. Some of the words in the sentence should be capitalized. Start combining first letters of each word, That’s it. Your strong password is ready. For example, if I select a sentence “My favorite search engine is Google since I touched the Internet” could be changed as M4$€8!2I
  • Refer the following table to get some basic ideas how to replace letters with special characters and numbers,
Use For
1 l i.e.lowercase of L
2 t or to
3 e
4 f or for
5 v or s
6 x
7 s
8 g
9 n
0 o
! i
@ a
^ A or v
$ S
( or < C
ii 2
  • Another option is to pick a word, for example, charles, and move your fingers up one row on the keyboard. charles becomes dyq4o3w
  • One more way is to use a misspelled word. If you choose google as your password, modify it as kookill

OMG, these secrets are revealed, “It is human nature to think wisely and act foolishly”, yes do not simply rely on replacing letters with numbers for strong password. Crackers break these passwords as easily as the words themselves. It’s all about the combination of using these tips according to the selected word.

The more complex and longer the password, the less likely it is to be cracked but it is often proportionately harder to remember. You can write it down in some safety place. In case if you are suffering from short-term memory loss better write your correct username & password on your body but don’t show to others including your spouse :) Have fun!

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