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Scripted on Aug. 17, 2010

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I hope you guys know about nineteenth Commonwealth Games are scheduled to be held in Delhi, capital of India. Lots of controversies are surrounding CWG – whether it is Commom Wealth Game or Contractor’s Wealth Game. However, we should not forget “There is nothing concealed that will not be revealed, nor secret that will not be known. – Luke 12:02” Hundreds and thousands of people from our country are working round-the-clock to make this CWG as a memorable one. We are proud to host these events at Delhi, India. This is going to break all the negatives, & bring only the positives. Anyhow, this entry is not about these issues. It’s all about Delhi & its famous snarled traffic.

Lots of police departments in the United States have Facebook pages, which are partnering with citizens to make their country as a safe place to live. Like-that Delhi Traffic Police has stepped into Facebook to manage traffic in Delhi. As Delhi Traffic Police mentioned that this cannot possibly succeed without the active cooperation, participation and support of all the citizens. DTP started this Facebook page two months ago, to keep the people of Delhi to inform about traffic changes and a forum to express their views and suggestions. Now Delhi Facebookers became digital informants, posting photos of their fellow drivers violating traffic laws such as drivers on cellphones, drivers in the middle of illegal turns, motorcycle riders without helmets and improperly parked vehicles & not to forget complaining about traffic jams, wrong signboards & signals.

The license plate numbers shown in the pictures & the description given by the users help DTP to track the vehicle & it’s drivers to issue tickets against traffic violations. It’s possible that pictures can be manipulated to incriminate someone who is not actually breaking the law. Even so, drivers have an option to contest the ticket if they think it’s wrongly issued.

Obviously, It’s true that not all the people in Delhi are connected to Internet as well as not all the surferz are using Facebook. With just 5,000 traffic officers in this city of 14 million people, this Facebook page is an innovative way to fill the gap between DTP & people. Many of the Delhi Facebookers are very happy about this page & they are actively participating to reduce the traffic woes to an extent.

Hats off to DTP for moving the social networking site to the next level. Let’s check this Facebook page by Delhi Traffic Police here DTP on Facebook

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