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Scripted on Nov. 30, 2010

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Most of the Internet users are part of the social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Even you might be a member of either one or both of the popular sociable sites. We have plenty of third-party applications both desktop and web based for twitter and Facebook. Time by time, we grant permission to many third-party applications to access our accounts. Not all of these applications are safe to use. Few of them, may spread Spam messages on your accounts. Let’s see how to fire the untrusted and unnecessary applications.

Let’s start with Twitter,

Once you revoked access to the third-party applications, it’s a good thing to change your password too. Why I’m saying this because, few of the applications may store your password in their server in an encrypted form. Personally, I don’t like my stuff passing trough their servers. I request you to read the Privacy Policy of that application to make sure whether it has already mentioned about it or not.

Awake, Don’t compromise your account.

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