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A Little about me

I am Charles Richard, freelance Web Designer & Developer located in Kolathur, India, but available worldwide. I have since lived in Madras, Salem, Bangalore and Pune. I currently reside in Kolathur and work as a freelancer.

I can play many roles like visual effects artist, graphic designer, web designer & developer. I am heavily dependent on open source in my freelance life not because of it is free but because of its visibility, openness and ability to generate global consensus due to having all facts revealed. The Linux distro I am using is Debian.

What they said...

"Whether it's a web design or graphics design or even complicated visual effects shot, Charles brings soul to the projects. His ability to take many avatars is simply awesome. He's handy with many tools, his open-source knowledge is very impressive. The best part is he loves challenges, that's good for any employers." - Arutura.

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..and Why You Should Choose Me?

So, why do you should choose me?

Because I work with Passion, I love my job and I do that with competence and I have all the basic skills to face any challenges.

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