Terms & Conditions - Web Design & Development | Graphic Design

  • I am not responsible or liable for the privacy practices or content of the site / design.
  • The project related contents, images, logos should be given by the client. There will be additional charges for image capturing, sourcing, scanning / copy-writing / copy-refining / PDF Conversion / Video Conversion / Image Editing & Manipulation.(If required)
  • Any significant change in the scope, whether included in the final version or dropped because of client's feedback, will attract additional charges.
  • For any reason, if the project had to be stopped from the client side, or if there is no response for over a month (except for in writing), the client is liable to me either 50 % of the project cost or amount paid as on that date, whichever is higher. If client wants to continue the project, new Pro Forma Invoice will be sent.
  • Every Invoice estimates are valid for the next 30 days only.
  • Sample / Demo / Developing site will be shown on my own server only. Migration of the site will be done when the payment is paid fully.
  • Free support for 30 days.
  • Powered by & Pixels by links will be placed in the footer section.
  • Payment should be made by bank transfer or cheque made payable to Charles Richard.

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